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the craft room

oakhurst, nj

est. 2017

by lauren foti

hi, i'm lauren.  come & join me on my latest adventure, the craft room, located it OAKHURST, NJ. 

i have always been immersed in the crafting world. as a young child i loved going to the local craft store to get a new project.  these were the days before A.C.Moore.  i dabbled in beads, clay, and paints...but it wasn't until high school when my mother convinced me to take a sewing class that i really fell in love. 

in 1999 i created Curly Hair Conspiracy, (a name inspired by my family, whom all have curly hair) a line which at first was mostly handbags, but soon evolved into accessories, clothing, and some gifts for the home. Curly Hair Conspiracy can be found on ETSY and also in some small local boutiques.

2004 brought me to Hoboken. over my years there i made amazing friends, living the charmed waitress life by night and crafting by day.  during one dinner shift i waited on John, my future husband.  we got married & together created the one of a kind DIY wedding of our dreams.  i even made my own dress!

In 2013 i became the manager and craft specialist of the very popular NYC shop Pins & Needles.  i was so inspired being in such a creative environment.  i learned embroidery and mastered the art of the mood board.  i was able to assist with some classes and watch a younger generation live out their crafting dreams.  i knew that some day i wanted a shop of my own!

since then, my husband and i have moved away from the city and had a baby, Henry, who can be found flooding my Instagram.  baby number 2 is due any day!! we bought our home with the intent to make my dream a reality...

enter -the craft room!

here i am able to bring my love for all things CRAFT to children of all ages.  private, and group lessons for crafts, embroidery and sewing as well as intimate parties are also available. 

i am so very excited to inspire the next generation of crafters!

photos courtesy of megan khichi